Australian Opals - Boulder Opals, Black Opals & Crystal Opals

Opaline are opal specialists, opal miners, producers of Queensland Boulder Opals and merchants of Lightning Ridge Black Opals and Crystal Opals; all finished to the highest international standards.

Our fine Australian opals are supplied mainly to opal wholesalers, gemstone and  opal product manufacturers and select opal retailers. We attend international gem and jewelry trade shows and Australian opal & jewelry events. Our representatives travel the globe and visit all states of Australia.

Rough Opals

We supply rough opal materials suitable for opal jewellery manufacturers, lapidaries and Australian opal collectors. Our rough opals are ideal for inlay, carving, cabochons, ornaments, beads and we even have rough opals suitable for making tiles. Our rough opals include stocks of jelly opals, white opals, grey opals and crystal opals. We also have rough opal fossils, rough black opals and vast stockpiles of rough boulder opals.

Cut Opals - Fine Polished Black Opals

Opaline's stock of opals include an exquisite selection of all types of Australian Opals from Queensland Boulder Opals, to Lightning Ridge Black Opals and Crystal Opals. Our range extends from fine commercial opals, to gem grade opals and investment quality gems worthy of the finest collections.