Opaline is a leading opal miner, our competitive advantage is that we have constant production and reliable stockpiles of rough Boulder Opals, from our own mines in Queensland.

Opaline’s collection includes Lightning Ridge Black Opals and Crystal Opals both rough and cut.
Our world class craftspeople cut and polish 5000 to10000 pieces of Boulder opal per annum, to the highest standards of finish.

We sell most of our opals as ‘mine run’, particularly rough opals; these parcel lots can be quite variable and must be assessed and priced on a case specific basis. Therefore we do not provide samples and personal inspections are recommended at our offices.
Alternatively our representatives attend trade shows and visit the EU, Japan, USA and all states of Australia on a regular basis.
Weight Measures: 1 Troy Ounce (OZt) = 155 Carats (cts) = 0.031 Kilograms (kg).
                                                        1 Carat = 0.2 Grams; 5000cts = 1kg

The following is a representative assortment of the products we provide our customers:

Rough Opals

Parcel 45 parcel45 - $45 000.00
Pancake Pancake - $100 000.00

Cut Opals

Xaug Xaug - $22 000.00
EL08 EL08 - $15 000.00
EL07 EL07 - $38 000.00
el02 EL02 - $45 000.00

To purchase any of these items or to indicate your requirements so we can best service your needs please submit the form below:

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