Opaline is in the business of mining, processing and wholesaling Queensland Boulder Opals. We also source and supply fine quality Lightning Ridge Black Opals and Crystal Opals for manufacturers, wholesalers and selected retailers worldwide. 

As large scale miners and specialists in sourcing the most beautiful opal of all - Queensland Boulder Opals - we are keen to promote this sought after gem. The Boulder Opal can be described as a "marriage of opal and ironstone". We believe that Boulder Opal is the most brilliant, stable and affordable form of natural, solid Australian opal.

Opaline's opal mining and processing facilities are located in and around Winton, Queensland. We also have offices in Adelaide, South Australia and Lightning Ridge, New South Wales.

The company's origin is in mining crystal and white opal at Coober Pedy, South Australia; dating back to 1956.

Opaline's experience and expertise, garnered over three generations of working at all major Australian opal mining centres, ensures our clients of dependable opal stocks and profits whether per carat or per ton. 


Chairman's Message

Our greatest challenge is to consistently improve the scarce supply of the Queen of Gems, opal, so as to ensure new generations are exposed to her charms and encouraged to adorn themselves with an opal stone each as unique in character as the individual wearer.

"Opals are our business and our pleasure; we love the fire in the stone and always seek the thrill of colour."

George Peter Christianos - CEO (B.Ec. & Gemmologist)     

Mission Statement

To source the finest solid opal products and provide the global market with a consistent supply of Australian opals.

To guarantee the continuity, quality and finish of the product.

To play a significant part in increasing the production, market share and profile of Queensland Boulder Opal.

To work hard to promote opal and achieve these objectives, by maintaining the highest standards of presentation, integrity and service.