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Opaline Weblinks
  Web Link
  Link   Opals Information
Information based website promoting the phenomenal Gem. Opal History, Jewellery, Mining, Grading, News & Archives.
  Link   ICA - International Coloured Gemstone Association
  Link   BOLDA - opal hearted collection
Designer Boulder Opal Jewellery Online Catalogue
  Link   Queensland Boulder Opal Association
Represents the Opal mining fraternity in Queensland the home of Boulder opal.
  Link   Department of Mines and Energy QLD
The State of Queensland's Department of Mines and Energy - Interactive Resource & Tenure Maps. Geological, Mining & Exploration data.
  Link   National Symbols of Australia
The PM's website showcases Opal as the National Gemstone and a symbol of the Nation as unique as our Flora and Marsupial Fauna.
  Link   Austrade
Australian products and services for buyers from overseas countries. Australian industry capability and how Austrade can help with importing Australian goods.
  Link   Jewellers Association of Australia
What you should know. about buying. Opal. Australia’s. National. Gemstone. SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE. WHERE YOU SEE THIS SIGN. FREECALL. 1800 657 762 ...
  Link   Gemmological Association of Australia
Australia is an ancient land. Geologically speaking, it has some of the oldest rocks on the planet.
  Link   Opals By Emmanuel Christianos Pty Ltd
Opal Mining and Export since 1957 - Informational Site - Opal mining process, Types of Opal Rough, Trade Shows.
  Link   Lark Quarry - Winton QLD
The Dinosaur Stampede National Monument in Queensland was one of the first three places to be listed on the National Heritage List in July 2004.
  Link   SA Chamber of Commerce
The South Australian Chamber of Commerce promotes the State's exporters.
  Link   Opal Association
Represents the Opal industry, including miners, cutters, wholesalers, retailers, exporters, collectors, hobbyists, lapidaries.
  Link   Fashion Bash
Opals - Theme of The 2008 $100000 Fashion Bash.
  Link   Experience Winton QLD
Showcase for the abundant natural beauty and Australian heritage of the Winton area in SW Queensland.
  Link   Maxopal
Specialities are Boulder Opal & Black Opal. Selling Unpolished Opal, Finished/Polished Opal items & Opal Parcels on eBay.
  Link   American Opal Society
A non-profit organization, educational in nature, whose primary purpose is promoting interest and knowledge of this precious gem.
  Link   Opals Downunder
Australian Opals & Opal jewelry retailers
  Link   Kingsgate
Kingsgate Consolidated is an Australian gold producer which operates in Asia at Chatree - Thailand's most modern gold mine, and explores for other mineral ...
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